Inspire Positive Action, Build a Better Community, and Support Individuals In Their Recovery. 

What We Do

The Dawgpatch Bandits Inc. is a nonprofit organization that operates on a three tier model. 1) Promote and execute endorphin activating physical challenges including, but not limited to, running, swimming, biking and paddling in the natural environment. 2) Plan and build outdoor community projects that promote health and fitness. 3) Support individuals struggling with addiction get the recovery they need.

Why We Do It

We believe that the health of the community and the individual are one. By creating a community that inspires positive action, ambition, and creativity, the individual can do the same.

The idea is to push individuals towards gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of their own physical and mental capabilities, and to combat barriers that may hinder that pursuit.

– Drew Harvey, Dawgpatch Bandits Founder