The Dawgpatch Bandits began as a group of individuals pushing the boundaries of the body and mind through the design and execution of physical challenges. At the core, a Dawgpatch challenge involves getting from location ‘A’ to location ‘B’ by nontraditional means.
Unlike traditional events involving a run, swim, bike or paddle that adapt a predetermined challenge into a region, we allow a geographical area itself to produce new and innovative challenges.
We approach our nonprofit work with many of the same philosophies we bring to our challenges. The Dawgpatch Bandits Inc. promotes health of the community by connecting individuals to the natural geography that surrounds them. By highlighting the intrinsic beauty of an area an individuals relationship with their surroundings takes on new meaning. As individuals become more aware of how to interact with their own environment they increase their ability to take action that benefits themselves and their community.

“Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf.”

– Aldo leopold