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  • 1 SQUAT = 1 POINT
  • 1 PUSH UP = 2 POINTS
  • 1 PULL UP = 3 POINTS

The cumulative point leader on May 1st will win a custom Dawgpatch Bicycle Jersey. We will have both a male winner and female winner. All those who send in workouts EVERYDAY until April 30th from when they decide to start their quarantine challenge will receive a Skeleton Patch. For your points to be counted direct message a snap shot or video of you and/or your workout area with a count of your reps completed at the end of each day. Keep it honest, keep it true as always. Direct message @dawgpatchbandits on Instagram to participate.

2020 Freedom Tour

In the Spring of 2020 the Dawgpatch Bandits will embark on a bicycle tour from Lisbon, Portugal to Moscow, Russia. This bicycle ride will cover over 4,000 miles, expanding across the entirety of mainland Europe. The lengthy line will be the third great bicycle tour taken on by the Bandits. In 2018 the Dawgpatch Bandits completed its inaugural tour of the United States, covering 3,300 miles in 37 days. The following year the British Isles were taken on, a 1,300 mile tour completed in just 12 days. Moving into the Spring of 2020, the Bandits look to continue their push east for what will be their biggest tour to date. This journey from Lisbon to Moscow will be called the “Freedom Tour.” The “Freedom Tour” is meant to signify the very core for which the Dawgpatch Bandits was formed. The “Freedom Tour” will serve as a guiding movement for the liberation of the mind and spirit. For those struggling with addictions, afflictions, and the day to day adversities of our modern world we say “Be Free.” We challenge you to elevate yourself to the person you aspire to be, to set achievable goals that will allow you to get there, and to execute those goals.