Ride for Recovery

Link to Donate: https://gofund.me/55e37c7d

The Dawgpatch Bandits are back in the saddle to promote fitness as a positive outlet for individuals in substance abuse and mental health recovery.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for our 501(c)3 nonprofit. All funds raised will be used to build outdoor fitness stations at rehabilitation and recovery centers in high impact areas across the country. One fitness station costs $5,000.

Beginning June 1st, Drew Harvey, Payton Dwight, and Jimmy Beh will bicycle across the country from Seattle, Washington to Sag Harbor, New York. 3,300 miles. 30 days.

This is the second cross country tour by the Dawgpatch Bandits. Three years ago Drew Harvey and Payton Dwight completed a bicycle tour from San Diego, CA to Sag Harbor, NY. The first ride was to spread awareness about the opioid epidemic and to raise funds for two local projects for friends who passed from drug overdose.

To date, Dawgpatch Bandits has successfully completed three outdoor fitness stations:

1) Pierson High School in Sag Harbor, NY.

2) The Long Island Center for Recovery in Hampton Bays, NY.

3) Turning Point Men’s Home in Holtville, CA.

Our fitness stations provide a designated area at partnered centers to build healthy habits and skills. The Dawgpatch Bandits build these fitness stations in person. We feel it is a valuable experience to interact with and listen to the individuals in recovery. They are very appreciative and several volunteer to help. Here is the response from the Long Island Center for Recovery: “Thank you so much!! We love and appreciate this. The clients are having a great time building strength, positivity, and self-esteem. You guys have an amazing mission. ️”

We greatly appreciate any and all donations. The more money we raise, the more fitness stations we build, and the more people we help. Thank you for your support. Woof.

Link to Donate: https://gofund.me/55e37c7d