Anthony Grasso Memorial

After 3 years in the making, the Anthony Grasso Memorial has been constructed at the University of San Diego and is open for pubic use. This memorial is an outdoor courtyard with tables, benches and a large fire pit for people to gather around, inlaid with a stone plaque. This space will serve as a place of inclusiveness and safety for individuals to share common ground, find support in periods of struggle, and find light in the darkest of times. This space was constructed in the memory of Anthony Grasso, a student at the University of San Diego, who was a constant source of light for all of those around him. Despite Anthony’s passing from this life in 2017, the inlaid stone plaque reads, “Always With Us.” This notion serves as a direct sentiment to not only the positive life that Anthony lived, but as a reminder that no matter how much adversity you may be facing, that you are not alone, and that better times lie in wait.