2020 Art Auction/Fundraiser

For the 2020 summer season the Dawgpatch Bandits hosted a virtual Art Auction due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite the set backs and challenges the pandemic put on the nonprofit sector world wide, to not have an event this year was simply not an option. Local artists, businesses, and distributors donated pieces for auction to help raise over $10,000. The Dawgpatch utilised these funds to continue to fund the “Dawgpatch Recovery Scholarship” at the Long Island Center for Recovery, and to put towards the organization’s “Cilli Farm Project.”

Local artists and business’s that contributed in this years auction include: Ryan Robbibaro, Chris Tomlin, Franco Cuttica, Caitlin Carney, Jennifer Disunno, Shane McClatchey, Fin and Pine, Island Surf, Hampton Flyboard, Grain Surfboards, Salty Sessions, and Eric Sambol.