Covid-19 Quarantine Challenge

April 2, 2020

The game was Push ups, Pull Ups, and Squats. For the month of April, 2020 a challenge of reps for points took place to maintain a sound mind and a sound body through quarantine. For this challenge 1 squat = 1 point; 1 pushup = 2 points; and 1 pull up = 3 points. For one month athletes would send in their daily tally’s. Some would take on the challenge to stay active, some to build strength, and some to push the limits of what the body was capable of. On May 1st the cumulative point leader won a custom Dawgpatch Bicycle Jersey in both a male and female category. For those who sent in a workout every day a ‘Persistence Patch’ was awarded.

After 30 days, the total points by all participants equaled 668,346 points.

Male Leader Board: Female Leader Board:

Anthony Gateman: 109,226 Rachel Kezer: 35,020

Payton Dwight: 76,060 Casey Patten: 30,974

Ty Murphy: 59,795 Brenna Hogan: 11,640

Jake Haugevik: 37,575 Ali Katstein: 10,685

Jack Duryea: 23,895 Dawn Harvey: 10,130