Gardiner’s Blitz (Swim)

August 7, 2019

Drew Harvey, Kyle Stürmann, Spencer Schneider and Jeremy went sealio and began swimming in the dark, leaving Cedar Point at 5:00 AM. As the day broke, they had their sights set on the rising sun above Gardiner’s Island. Having just met at Ship Ashore marina half an hour earlier, the four swimmers were nonetheless on the same wavelength of excitement ready to cross Gardiner’s Bay. The Bandits faced the most difficult stretch on the 7th mile in a section off of Crow Shoal where the water was 40 feet deep and the south wind was making for a heavy chop. After pushing through, Spencer and Jeremy made landing on Cherry Hill Point after four hours in the water. Kyle and Drew made landing thirty minutes later at 9:30. 

The Gardiner’s Blitz was 8.5 miles, two miles longer than what is considered a marathon swim. The landing point, Gardiner’s Island, was sold to Lion Gardiner by Montaukett Chief Wyndanch and has remained in the family since, making it the oldest private estate in the US. The Bandits made landing close to where notorious pirate Captain Kidd buried treasure. It is the final swim of the Cedar Point Trilogy.
The Bandits were guided by a two boat support team. Dawn and Dave Harvey were in the lead boat with veteran Town of Southampton lifeguard Chuck Partellow. Dana Harvey and Lydia Jimeno were captain and watch in the second boat.

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